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MedicNRG is a leading company in the global Endo technology field, and a major manufacturer of Electronic Apex Locators (EAL) . We are unique in our the capability to  exactly define a need, “know how” in dental and technological fields and an advanced marketing perception. We aim to integrate design and user friendly interfaces as essential components of our devices’ identities, creating excellent tools in hands of dentists and advancing healthy dentistry.

MedicNRG is a leading company in the Endo technology field, specializing in Electronic Apex Locators (EAL). Since 2000 MedicNRG has become one of the major manufacturers of Electronic Apex Locators in the world.
MedicNRG started up its activities in development, design and marketing of workplace solutions for both endodontists and GPs who perform Endo procedures.
Two Israeli dentists, through regularly performing Endo procedures, recognized the need for more sufficient technical solutions to facilitate their work environment. As doctors who performed many root canal treatments, they searched for a reliable device for accurate identification of the biological apex. The instability of the existing devices made the exact location of the file inside the root canal an uncertainty. This ambiguity caused anxiety regarding the possible damage incurred to the apical tissue.
At this point, MedicNRG directed its dynamic energies to the development of an innovative apex locator, based on the cutting edge technology of Digital Signal Processing (DSP). An emphasis was placed on the design and the user friendly interface, miniaturization, and technology that when synergized create an accurate apex locator which every dentist can work with and rely upon absolutely.
This is how the first Digital Apex Locator was born.

So what is our story? The capability to exactly define a need, know-how in the dental field and an advanced marketing perception that integrate the design and the user friendly interface as essential components in the device’s identity, allowing the endowment of unique solutions to our varied customers.

MedicNRG was established in 2000, by two dentists along with an industrial designer. Today MedicNRG employs the leading specialists in the Endo field within the dental industry, in addition to engineers in bio-technology, electronics and mechanics and has diverse technical capabilities in various industrial aspects. This enables us to develop, introduce and implement our innovative ideas beginning from the computer screen to the production line in abbreviated periods of time.

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Our Products

MedicNRG specializes in Endo oriented products, with our main devices being Digital Electronic Apex Locators (EAL).
In addition, we are pleased to offer you a wide range of innovations for your dental clinic.

Quality Policy

MedicNRG was founded in order to supply high quality instruments and aids to dentists, allowing them to optimize their dental procedures.  The management of MedicNRG places high importance on the quality of the products supplied by us.  In order for us to ensure the quality of our products, MedicNRG has implemented a strict quality system that dictates all of the different stages of the design, production and distribution of our devices. 
Our quality procedures enable us to meet the requirements of the European and US laws demonstrated in the CE MDD and the US FDA.
In 2007, we also acheived formal ISO certification for both international standards:
ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, including the special requirements for Health Canada. 
In addition, MedicNRG’s management is committed to the full implementation of all of the procedures in order to ensure a consistent level of quality, while striving to always improve all our processes. 

Publications & Downloads

Roots Publication – Prof. Vladimir Ivanovic

Published in Roots, January, 2010. Determining working length, or how to locate the apical terminus (Part 2) Authors: Prof Vladimir Ivanovic & Dr Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic, Serbia. Bottom line: “Furthermore, NRG XFR never gave overestimations compared to the other EFLs.”

Il Dentista Moderna – Prof. Joshua Moshonov


Power Point from 14th Biennial Congress of the European Society of Endodontology

Prof. Ivanovic presented the results of a comparative study that compared different methods and different devices for measuring the canal working length by locating apical constriction.  The study was performed by first measuring the length of teeth destined for extraction (in vivo) and finished by measuring the location of the file in the extracted tooth.

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